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It has been a pleasure to work for a family-owned brand with many years of experience in manufacturing whirlpool baths that are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology from certified materials from globally recognised suppliers for the UK, Spain and Bulgaria region.


Web Design: We developed a concept for an online store with a modern design to highlight the beauty and functionality of a wide range of premium products made from luxury and high quality materials with elegant design and innovative technology. The sophisticated elegance and modern style of the products inspired us to shoot a photo shoot and promotional video to capture the emotion and feeling of relaxation and comfort of using the products.

Photosession: To demonstrate the tranquility and appeal of premium hot tubs to our clients, we embarked on a captivating outdoor photo shoot featuring famous Bulgarian model and influencer Zlatka Dimitrova. Set in a picturesque courtyard with a magnificent garden, this photo shoot seeks to bring together the essence of relaxation and bliss. The photoshoot was a mix of day and night scenes, capturing the universality of the hot tub experience.

Video Production: In addition to filming, we enriched our visual narrative with a compelling video production. The video demonstrates whirlpool hot tubs in action, highlighting their therapeutic properties and the joy of relaxing in the warm embrace of swirling water.

Digital Ads: We used social media posts to communicate the key features and benefits of hot tubs. The visual elements and themes were carefully selected to successfully promote the products and attract the attention of potential customers.


Year: 2019 – 2022

Design and development – team
Art Direction:Mariya Basheva
Photos: Yana Georgova
Video by Mehmed
Model:Zlatka Dimitrova