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Balkan is one of those traditional brands that is easily recognizable by everyone who grew up in Bulgaria. They excel in making delicious, affordable sweets that have endured the test of time. As a brand we knew that we have to make sure that we don’t stray too far away from the original, but rather try and introduce a playful nature into their brand to capture the interest of the younger audience.

Our team was responsible for the creation of the website and some of the packaging and social media presence. For this project we decided to use bright vibrant colors that bring positive vibes and atmosphere.




Art Direction: Mariya Basheva | Web Design: Mariya Basheva | Social Media Ads: Mariya Basheva, Diana Kostadinova, Stefani Hristova | Web development&Support: Simeon Atanasov | Photography&Photo editing: Yana Gergova, Stefani Hristova, Mariya Basheva


2019 - now