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When a time-honoured company like Balkan, with a heritage dating back to 1976, sought to reconnect with a younger audience, we took up the challenge with enthusiasm. Specializing in the production of pasties, gingerbread, biscuits, croissants and other sweet products in the affordable price segment, Balkan entrusted us with the mission to breathe new life into their brand. Our strategy? A bold infusion of colour and a compelling combination of modernity and tradition.

To capture the attention of the younger generation, we ventured into the world of bold and vibrant colours. Our palette, dominated by bright red, yellow and blue hues, instantly revitalised Balkan’s image, instilling a sense of energy and excitement in their brand. The brand’s increased visibility on social media, supported by interactive games and stop-motion videos, has breathed new life into their online presence.


Web Design & Development: To ensure the website resonated with the brand’s vibrant new identity, we embarked on a truly remarkable and colourful photo shoot. Our goal was clear – to capture the essence of Balkan’s sweet offerings and the youthful energy it now exuded. Against a backdrop of red and yellow colours, pasties, gingerbread and croissants came to life in the most enticing way. Each image was thoughtfully detailed and decorated to bring out the texture and enticing taste of the product.


Year: 2020 – 2022

Design and development: team
Photosessions art direction: team
Photos: Yana Gergova