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BAKEOLOGY is a brand created with the vision of inspiring, different, delicious and high-quality sweet products that are made only with natural goods for those who, although having a sweet tooth, want to eat healthy. The brand inspires to create a personal experience for every client, allowing them to “participate” in the making of the products by listening to their ideas and desires.

Much like our clients who want their products to stand out as being unique, inspiring and delicious, we, the team of SMPL, wanted to add a pinch of our own flavour to the recipe and show everyone how amazing the products of BAKEOLOGY are.



Art Direction: Mariya Basheva | Branding: Mariya Basheva | Packaging: Mariya Basheva, Diana Kostadinova | Web design: Mariya Basheva | Web Development: Simeon Atanasov | Photography: Yana Gergova


2018 - now